An image of Ruth Lavin

Mrs. Ruth A. Lavin, President, CEO, NPMC

Mrs. Ruth A. Lavin began working with NPMA, alongside her late husband John (Jack) Lavin in 1997 when NPMA was formed and the very first PETRO show was held. Jack and Ruth were married sixty three and a half years before his passing in February, 2022.  

Mrs. Lavin has been very involved with the PETRO trade shows, registrations, memberships and many other administrative duties alongside her late husband.

Following PETRO 23, the board of directors voted to move our entity registration from Texas to Virginia. Due to this change, the National Petroleum Management Association (NPMA) will be registered in Virginia as National Petroleum Management Corporation (NPMC).  NPMA will be retired with the passing of founder, Mr. Jack Lavin.

Be on the lookout for a new website and additional materials as the NPMA continues this re-branding effort to NPMC. Be sure to bookmark the new website when it is available!

Mrs. Ruth A. Lavin is looking forward to working towards PETRO 25 and possibly a smaller, off-year show in 2024.