An image of a decorated wall with graphics from NPMC and our founder Jack Lavin, the NPMC logo, and a cartoon POL cat

MSgt Levi Martin and TSgt Robert Duarte contacted the NPMC about sponsoring a room at the POL Schoolhouse located at the 82nd Training Wing, Sheppard Air Force Base, Texas. They are responsible for training nearly 45 percent of the entire Air Force. With approximately 60,000 graduates produced every year.

The NPMC was proud to support the effort while also paying tribute to our late president and founder, Jack Lavin, “The GodFather of Fuels.” We contacted Michael Jackson, President of the CLVR Agency in Carrollton, Texas to help with the design and installation of the new graphics.

The NPMC is thrilled with how this project turned out and gives all the credit Michael and his staff at the CLVR Agency! We hope the students and staff of the Training Wing enjoy the new NPMA room as much as we do.