Spring is a time of change and we here at the NPMA are no exception. Following PETRO 23, the board of directors voted to move our entity registration from Texas to Virginia. Due to this change, the National Petroleum Management Association (NPMA) will be registered in Virginia as National Petroleum Management Corporation (NPMC).  NPMA will be retired with the passing of founder, Mr. Jack Lavin.

Be on the lookout for a new website and additional materials as the NPMA continues this re-branding effort to NPMC. Be sure to bookmark the new website when it is available!

In addition, we have now seated a new Board of Directors, Class of 2023.  Please welcome the following Directors:

An image of Ruth Lavin

Ruth Lavin, President

Mrs. Ruth A. Lavin began working with NPMA, alongside her late husband John (Jack) Lavin in 1997 when NPMA was formed and the very first PETRO show was held. Jack and Ruth were married sixty three and a half years before his passing in February, 2022.  

Mrs. Lavin has been very involved with the PETRO trade shows, registrations, memberships and many other administrative duties alongside her late husband.

Mrs. Ruth A. Lavin is looking forward to working towards PETRO 25 and possibly a smaller, off-year show in 2024.

An image of Kent Bredehoeft

Kent Bredehoeft, Vice President

Kent Bredehoeft is the President & CEO of Argus Consulting, Inc. He is responsible for the strategic, operational, financial and cultural leadership of Argus to create corporate growth, increased profitability and opportunities for employee improvement. 

Kent drives the corporate vision and values and provides leadership to more than 70 professionals through a culture of teamwork and continuous improvement. 

A registered professional engineer in eight states, he has devoted his 30+ year career to the design and construction of commercial and military aviation fuel systems and to establishing industry standards for fuel facilities. His extensive resume includes fueling systems at most of North America’s busiest airports and multiple Petroleum, Oil and Lubricants (POL) projects for the U.S. Department of Defense in the United States and Middle East. Kent has contributed to several aircraft fueling master plans and strives to position Argus as the industry’s trusted partner through innovation. 

Kent has a Master of Science in Engineering Management from the University of Kansas and a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Missouri.

An image of Jim Gammon

Jim Gammon, Secretary

Jim Gammon is 69 years old and is the son of Howard Gammon, a legend in the industry, best known for the “Gammon Gauge”, “AquaGlo” “MiniMonitor”, the “Gammon Fitting” (Jet Test QD) and the educational “GamGrams” publication. Jim is the President of Gammon Technical Products.

In his 48 full-time years, Jim has given over 300 seminars world-wide on aviation fuel quality control and handling. He has been to airports and terminals in all 50 States and over 60 countries. He is recognized as an expert in aviation fuel handling and field testing and has written about half of the educational “GamGrams” on the Gammon Technical website. Jim is an officer at ASTM and participates in activities at EI, IATA, JIG, SAE, CRC, JIG, NFPA, NPMA and ABMA. He holds over 15 patents inside and outside of the industry. Gammon Technical Products (GTP) employs 60 people in Manasquan NJ and is a true manufacturer, specializing in short-run, specialty items specific to aviation fuel handling. 

Gammon Technical Products is perhaps best known for the Gammon Gauge, AquaGlo, MiniMonitor and Viper Additive Injection Systems, but we manufacturer and distribute a wide range of items needed in fuel handling at airports, from static bonding/grounding to contamination detection equipment such as water probes and differential pressure switches. Over 90% of GTP products and parts are made in the USA, many made on our 12 in-house CNC machines.

An image of Todd Cheney

Todd Cheney, Treasurer

Todd Cheney is currently an Executive Director with AEG Fuels. 

Mr. Cheney served in the Air Force for 26 years, retiring as a Colonel in July of 2017.  During his Air Force career, he served in various leadership and management positions all around the world including Japan, Turkey, Kuwait and Qatar.  He was the Fuel Management Flight Commander at Shaw AFB, participated in the OSD Petroleum Professional Enhancement Program, served as the Chief of the Joint Staff Joint Petroleum Office and finished his career as the Director of Customer Operations at DLA Energy.  

Mr. Cheney has served as the Executive Director for Energy at DGC International where they provide direct delivery support to US and Coalition forces throughout Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan.  They also operate the Into Plane operation at Baghdad Diplomatic Support Center and just began alongside aircraft refueling operations at Patuxent River NAS in Maryland.  

Mr. Cheney is also the owner of his own consulting firm, The Cheney Company.

An image of Jack Holmberg

Jack Holmberg, Assistant Treasurer

In January 2021, after 20+ years working for Varec and supporting the DLA Energy Fuels Automated System (FAS), Business Systems Modernization Energy (BSME), and Base Level Support Application (BLSA) programs, Jack Holmberg finally retired.   

After retiring Jack did some part-time consulting as a Senior Logistics/Fuels Analyst for multiple companies working Logistic/Fuels Government contracts as well as competing for new ones.  Mr. Holmberg recently accepted a board position on NPMC Board of Directors, Class of 2023 and stated, “he is humbled to be able to continue his efforts in the fuel’s community, helping the fuel handlers and the overall fuel management career field.” Over the span of Mr. Holmberg’s career, he served in the USAF as a Fuels Management Officer, OSD Energy Analyst, Air Staff Fuels Officer and culminated at DLA Energy as the Emergency Supply Operations Center (ESOC) Officer-in-Charge.  

Throughout his career, he served over 40 years in the government and commercial industry.  Mr. Holmberg assisted the industry in its resilience to meet the DoD worldwide fuels requirements and mission.  He was instrumental in playing a vital role in the initiative and effort for fuels automation within the Military Services. Moving forward, Mr. Holmberg stated that he is excited about NPMC’s continuous efforts to enhance both the DoD and commercial industry’s environment and innovations in the field.