“Operational Effectiveness”   

In Recognition of Outstanding Contribution

This award is presented annually to the individual who has made significant and outstanding contributions of an enduring nature to improve the operation and maintenance of petroleum equipment and facilities

No one person has had more influence over the design and operation effectiveness of aviation fueling systems throughout the world than Harold Ensign. A fuel system engineer with Cla-Val for over forty years, Mr. Ensign was internationally known for his contributions in fuel controls and systems integration of airfield fuel storage, transfer, and hydrant dispensing systems.  

Following duty as a young officer in the US Coast Guard in World War II and being chief engineer for a family business, Mr. Ensign joined Cla-Val in 1960 where he began a long history of engineering excellence in valve design and development which have become the standard components in all modern commercial and military aviation fueling systems.  He played a major role in design and development of the Type III Hydrant Fueling System used at military airfields all over the world.  Mr. Ensign’s enormous engineering talent and personal warmth endeared him to the entire international aviation community.  

In 1997 Mr. Ensign was inducted into the order of the SPR, the prestigious brotherhood of aviation petroleum professionals who have made a notable mark in this international community.  There could not be a higher level of excellence for the NPMA fuel systems engineering award than the legacy of Harold Ensign.   Mr. Ensign passed away on September 30, 2006.  The aviation fuels community lost a giant who will long be remembered.

Award Recipients

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