Welcome from the National Petroleum Management Corporation!   We greatly appreciate your joining our association as a member.   Your active involvement will help to enhance the quality and safety in fuel handling. 

NPMC exists to represent you and the aviation fueling community.  Our goals are to advance knowledge of the science of petroleum operations.  We promote the highest degree of organizational excellence and safety in the operation and maintenance of fuel servicing equipment and facilities. 

We provide career counseling and transition assistance to any of our members.  Our web site is available for all of our members to post resumes or job announcements and events related to POL. 

Included in your membership package is the NPMC coin.  The front of the coin depicts the standard aircraft refueling hose and nozzle wrapped around the NPMC logo.  The rear of the coin shows the symbol we adopted, the Single Point Receptacle… SPR.  We have personalized the acronym SPR to reflect Safety, Professionalism and Reliability.

  • Safety symbolizes the inherent dangers in fuel handling and our resolve to minimize hazards and accidents.
  • Professionalism symbolizes the caliber of individuals involved in the industry and our mission to foster their growth and status.
  • Reliability symbolizes the importance of delivering a quality product to the customer on time.  

Surrounding the SPR you find our motto.  “Proud of our Past ~ Confident of our Future”.  The petroleum industry has a proud heritage, which we will embrace, preserve and continue to look beyond, into the 21st century, confident that our industry will prosper.

Also included in your membership package is the NPMC logo pin.  The pin represents our member’s support in promoting the fuel handling profession and the acknowledgement of services rendered by exceptional and dedicated men and women in the petroleum profession. 

We welcome any thoughts and suggestions that you feel would enhance membership with the NPMC.  Please feel free to contact us any time at the above address and phone number and let us know what we can do to assist you.


Ruth Lavin

President, NPMC

A gold colored silhouette of a pipeline worker and tarmac including an oil derrick, fuel station and airplane