A graphic representing the NPMC Order of the SPR, a prestigious group of highly qualified fuel industry personnel

Order of the SPR

“Safety, Professionalism, Reliability” 

In Recognition of Significant and Enduring Contribution

The order of the SPR is the highest award the NPMA bestows on an individual and recognizes significant and enduring contributions to the aviation fueling world.  Members of the order are eligible for consideration for the John “Jack” F. Lavin Lifetime Achievement Award.    

Members of the Order of SPR have had real impact.  The symbol is the universal aircraft fueling adapter, or “SPR,” the single point receptacle, an acronym coined by the military when the first large jet aircraft pressure refueling systems were designed and built in the late 1940s.  SPR it has been for the past 60 years.

The people honored with induction into the order have one thing in common — they have that little extra making the difference between the ordinary and the extraordinary.  As the eligibility criteria state, they have accepted the challenges so that we feel the exhilaration and are inspired by their success.  They epitomize that the purpose of life is to have a life of purpose.

There is no rank or order, rather they are all peers who have been the leaders, the doers, the innovators, the pioneers, the builders, the standard bearers; those who really stand out and made a difference.  It is a quiet group, no pomp or fanfare; simply the very best of the best.

The plaque commemorating selection into the Order is the same SPR adapter that is fitted to every aircraft.  The award was established in 1991. 

Award Recipients

1John Lavin (1991)2Paul Dupoise (1991)3Gomer Custer (1991)
4Donald Rogers (1991)5Earl Denham (1992)6Houston Sorenson (1992)
7William Penton (1992)8Don Kudrna (1992)9Joseph Durham (1992)
10JamesTurner (1992)11James Hopp (1992)12M. Rayde Harrington (1992)
13William Fiedler (1992)14Gary Garlett (1993)15John Anna (1993)
16Charles Nault (1993)17Leslie Goodwin (1993)18Larry Dipoma (1993)
19Patrick Chesterman (1994)20Thomas Boland (1994)21Joseph Volpe (1994)
22Harold Glazener (1994)23Richard Cisco (1995)24Arnold Clegg (1995)
25Howard Gammon (1995)26Sanford Richardson (1995)27Jack Holmberg (1995)
28Kathryn Pendergast (1995)29Grat Horn, Jr. (1996)30Charles DiBona (1996)
31Charles Delaney (1997)32Gene Barr (1997)33Harold Ensign (1997)
34Donald Peschka (1997)35Herbert Proksch (1997)36John Thomas (1997)
37Bruce Wilbur (1997)38Richard Dacey (1997)39Thomas Roberson (1997)
40David Herrick (1997)41Rickey Rice (1998)42Richard Walte IV (1998)
43John Carr (1998)44Pharris Johnson (1999)45Elvis Fishburn (2000)
46Patrick Mumme (2000)47Fred Chitty (2000)48Karl Deibler (2000)
49James Mandziara (2000)50Bruce Hover (2000)51Donald Kinter (2000)
52Michael Kluttz (2000)53Charles Park (2000)54John McCormick (2000)
55John Johnson (2000)56Jose Mendez (2000)57Ausba Pinkham III (2001)
58Robert Becker (2001)59Frank Morse (2001)60Robert Jarvis (2002)
61Nathaniel Wilson (2002)62Robert Hooks (2002)63James Miller (2002)
64Bruce Overbay (2002)65L. Arthur Van Rooy (2002)66James Weldon (2003)
67Eric Boling (2003)68Felix Shepard (2003)69Stanley Zaucha (2003)
70Vinton Doll (2003)71Sandra K. Walls (2003)72Robert Scully (2005)
73Gerard Biscardi (2005)74Red Cavaney (2005)75Thomas Ashman (2007)
76Danny Jeffreys (2007)77Keith Coggins (2007)78Charles Potts (2007)
79Gary Crawford (2007)80Russ Rhodes (2007)81Mike Uffer (2007)
82Jim Gammon (2009)83Nate Harvey (2009)84Don Sumner (2009)
85Arnold Thomas (2010)86Mike Wilkinson (2010)87Gerald Soper (2011)
88Lyman Shannon (2011)89Jack Vance (2011)90David Eklund (2011)
91Michael Giroux (2012)92Michael Hooth (2012)93David Soffrin (2012)
94Karl Overman (2012)95Daniel Cetto (2012)96Dean Flessas (2013)
97Ron Pattie (2013)98John Cummings (2013)99Rick McKenna (2013)
100Michael Nelson (2013)101Bob Boseman (2013)102Kin Chow (2015)
103Gregory Bean (2015)104Alan Watson (2015)105John Rhode (2015)
106Marsha Davis (2015)107Cleburne Bernhard (2015)108Jeffrey Baquer (2015)
109Phill Vonholtz (2016)110Mark Heinrich (2016)111Thomas McCartin (2016)
112Frank Rechner (2016)113Scott Baker (2016)114Stuart Funk (2016)
115Stan Livingston (2016)116Alan Reynolds (2016)117James Richardson (2016)
118Samuel Varnicle (2016)119Willie Robohn (2018)120Jack Appoloni (2018)
121William Necker (2018)122John Gassett (2018)123Joseph Lovan (2018)
124Steve Kephart (2018)125John Anaya (2018)126Carol O’Leary (2018)
127Jim Young (2019)128John Esada (2019)129Mary Favero (2019)
130Kevin Ward (2019)131William McCurry (2019)132Frank Montalvo (2019)
133Terry DeSpain (2019)134Jon Hatcher (2019)135Gary Boley (2019)
136Bill Gibson (2021)137John Leonard (2021)138Mark Norris (2021)
139Ken Coggins (2021)140Ron Crowl (2021)141Kent Bredehoeft (2021)
142Rick Vanshoore (2021)143Ron Roof (2021)144Kris Allegood (2021)
145Bill Moody (2021)146Tom Boriack (2021)147Doug Collins (2021)
148Kevin Ward (2021)149Mike Holgate (2021)150Bill Rozier (2021)
151Vince Benedetti (2021)152Edward McAllister (2022)153Charles Shipp (2022)
154Derrick Worsley (2022)155Steve Oakes (2022)156Dan Liss (2022)

Members Emeritus:

Carlton Shead (1997)

Alvin Traynor (2005)

A gold colored silhouette of a pipeline worker and tarmac including an oil derrick, fuel station and airplane